Which 10 real estate developers are leading the way in creating innovative and sustainable housing solutions?

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1. Lendlease: Lendlease is a global developer known for its commitment to sustainability and innovation in creating sustainable housing solutions. They have implemented green building practices, renewable energy, and community-focused designs in their projects.

2. Forest City Realty Trust: Forest City is a real estate development company that focuses on sustainable urban development. They have integrated green infrastructure, energy-efficient designs, and mixed-use developments in their projects.

3. Skanska: Skanska is a multinational construction and development company that prioritizes sustainable and innovative solutions in the real estate sector. They incorporate advanced energy-saving technologies, sustainable materials, and smart design concepts in their developments.

4. Two Trees Management: Two Trees Management is a real estate developer recognized for transforming urban neighborhoods into vibrant, sustainable communities. They have developed numerous innovative and sustainable residential projects in New York City.

5. AvalonBay Communities: AvalonBay is a leading developer of multifamily housing communities with a strong commitment to sustainable design and construction. They focus on energy-efficient buildings, green building certifications, and environmentally-friendly practices.

6. Hines: Hines is a global real estate development firm renowned for creating sustainable communities and green buildings. They emphasize energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy implementation in their projects.

7. Gerding Edlen: Gerding Edlen is a real estate investment and development company that specializes in creating sustainable, mixed-use communities. They integrate smart growth principles, renewable energy systems, and green building practices in their developments.

8. Prologis: Prologis is a leading developer and owner of industrial real estate, known for its commitment to sustainability. They incorporate energy-efficient designs, solar installations, and green building practices in their warehouses and logistics centers.

9. Toll Brothers: Toll Brothers is a luxury homebuilder that has embraced sustainability and innovation in their residential projects. They incorporate energy-saving features, smart home technologies, and green building materials in their developments.

10. DPR Construction: Although primarily a construction company, DPR Construction has embraced sustainability and innovative practices in real estate development. They focus on energy efficiency, reduction of carbon footprint, and smart building technologies in their commercial and residential projects.

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