Which 10 real estate companies have recently launched innovative platforms or apps to streamline the buying process?

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While I cannot provide real-time information, here are 10 real estate companies that have previously launched innovative platforms or apps to enhance the buying process:

1. Zillow: Launched the Zillow 3D Home app, allowing sellers to create virtual home tours using their smartphones.
2. Redfin: Introduced the Redfin app, providing users with access to real-time home listings, agent assistance, and scheduling house tours.
3. Trulia: Offers Trulia Neighborhoods, an app providing users with neighborhood insights, including crime rates, noise levels, and local amenities.
4. Realtor.com: Introduced the Realtor.com app, offering property listings, personalized search filters, and augmented reality features.
5. Compass: Launched the Compass App, combining property search capabilities with personalized recommendations based on user preferences.
6. Keller Williams: Developed the Keller Williams app, providing agents and clients with an array of tools for searching, buying, and selling properties.
7. Coldwell Banker: Introduced the Coldwell Banker Real Estate app, offering property search features, agent contact information, and saved searches.
8. Century 21: Offers the Century 21 Local app, providing users with property search features and localized information on amenities and schools.
9. Sotheby’s International Realty: Launched the SIR Mobile app, allowing users to search for luxury properties worldwide and connect with specialized agents.
10. Re/Max: Introduced the Re/Max Real Estate Search app, offering users access to millions of property listings, virtual tours, and agent contact details.

Please note that innovations and developments may change over time, so it’s important to refer to the latest information when seeking up-to-date data on real estate companies’ platforms and apps.

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