Periodic Maintenance In The Condominium

Ratchadamri condo (คอนโด ราชดำริ which is the term in Thai) maintenance is essential for the smooth running of the lives of the residents and the health of the cashier.

  • Gutter cleaning

In heavy rain, there may be unwanted leaks if the gutters are not well cleaned and unobstructed. Often, they stay in the penthouse apartment of the condominiums, and, even so, cleaning must be provided by the liquidator so that there is no further damage.

It is a simple service that will only depend on the size of the condominium. To avoid inconvenience, the ideal is to do the routine and preventive maintenance of the gutters monthly. The building’s cleaners can handle it. Read:

  • Cleaning the water tank

The cleaning of the water tank must be done twice a year. The ideal is to schedule this service for October and February. In this way, residents will have water in good condition throughout the year. It may also be necessary to waterproof the water tank. See details about all this:

  • Cleaning the facade

The facades of buildings visible from public places must be painted or washed, following the respective coatings, at least every five years, to exhibit adequate aesthetic conditions. Non-compliance is subject to a fine. The superintendent must research his / her region to perform this service according to the local specification. Look:

  • Building inspection

Once a year, the building inspection must be carried out, evaluating essential items of the building as a whole. When there is a need for works, schedule them before the inspection to resolve defects or possible problems.

  • Pest control

It is recommended that two pest/rat eliminations per year are carried out, ideally in October and April. The goal is to ward off urban pests, such as insects and mice.

  • Pool care

The maintenance of the pool is very detailed, and there is a need for daily care. Filtering should be done daily. Chlorine controls every two days. Control the pH of the water twice a week. Aspiration, edge washing, and backwashing of the filter must be carried out once a week. Clarification and decanting should be done whenever necessary.

  • Elevators

Condominiums are required by law to maintain a corrective and preventive maintenance company for elevators. By doing this, you will know when the time has come for a modernization of the elevator structure for the safety of all residents is guaranteed.

Generally, the total modernization of the devices usually occurs when the building completes 15 years of existence.

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