Implementing The Academy In The Condominium

Doing a project is essential so that everything goes correctly when deploying a gym in your condominium especially condo with beautiful view (คอน โด วิว สวย which is the term in Thai). There are companies in the market that develop the entire project to present it to the owners. Another critical point is the choice of location. A pleasant space is essential to encourage users.

1- Choose the location (size can vary, with 16m², it is already possible to have a gym), ideally, it is light and airy;

2- Create a project. It must contain: number of apartments, to estimate the percentage of use, and layout of the space with equipment, accessories, and decorative materials (mirrors, sound and video, own floor, water cooler, and towel rail);

3- Survey with the unit owners; in addition to knowing if there is genuine interest in the gym, you will have a profile of future users; this will help in choosing the equipment;

4- When buying equipment, opt for the professional line, which is used in gyms. Appliances for home use, although cheaper, depreciate in less than two years;

5- Bicycles, treadmills, weight training stations, and accessories, such as dumbbells and mats, cannot be missing;

6- The floor of the room must be rubberized to avoid accidents, such as slipping, and to give better grip to equipment, such as treadmills, which usually move during sports practice when the floor is smooth;

7- The distance between the equipment ranges from 40 cm to 1 m, depending on the device;

8- The gym installation must be approved at the assembly, as there will be an investment. For a 40m² gym, which would serve ten people simultaneously, the investment would be in the order. Remember that the size of the space and the number of equipment depend on the size of the condominium.

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