How To Choose The Best Paint Colors For Your Home

Beauty and functionality go hand in hand when painting the house with house paint ( สี ทา บ้าน which is the term in Thai); here, you will understand which are the most recommended colors for each environment

Coloring Exteriors

One point to be taken into account before choosing paint for the building’s facade is the neighborhood. Is it desirable for your home to stand out and attract more attention than others on the street? Or is it preferable to maintain discretion and camouflage yourself between neighbors?

The colors most recommended by professionals are also the most classic, which helps avoid repainting facades to follow trends; therefore, more neutral and lighter tones end up being preferred, in ranges of gray, beige, blue, and green.

The best way to choose your favorite is to assemble a palette of combinations – monochromic or not – that can help to highlight architectural details or points such as gates, fences, doors, and windows.

Coloring Rooms

Before you start looking for the perfect color for the rooms in your home, it is essential to define the possible uses for each one. For example, for a living room, it may be desirable to create an atmosphere of closeness and leave visitors comfortable; for a dining room, the environment can be both more sophisticated and relaxed. Of course, neutral tones work well for all these situations, but opting for stronger colors can add a little more personality to the rooms.

Earthy tones are welcome for transmitting sensations such as welcoming and personal connection, in addition to stimulating conversations. It is also interesting to complete the decoration with elements or even a single wall in some more vibrant color, such as red, which causes excitement; yellow, which provides feelings of happiness; or orange, which energizes the environment.

For small rooms, it is essential to choose lighter colors, which do not load the space as much and give an impression of spaciousness. In the opposite direction, darker tones seem to diminish the place and make the stay a little tiring.

Coloring Offices

If one of the rooms in the house is reserved for a private office, it is normal that the main objective is to find concentration and achieve productivity in the environment. In this case, it is more appropriate to opt for more sober colors, which are not distracting or cause agitation. In this particular case, lighting is essential, so care must be taken not to choose any colors that darken the area.

Cold colors are very welcome in the offices. The shades of green are fresh and relaxing, helping to stay focused; blues, on the contrary, are not good options for stimulating sleep; the shades of purple and lavender are great for inspiration and imagination and are therefore good allies for people who work with creation.

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